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Town History

Officially, La Crosse was incorporated in 1901, but existed many years before. Originally known as the village of Piney Pond before 1890, for a marshy plot with pines, the post office designated the area as La Crosse in 1890 on the suggestion of the surveyor's French wife because of the two railroad trains that crisscrossed in the middle of the village. While the railroads were removed in the 1990s, the town is still a true "Crossroads Town" since US Route 58 and Interstate 85 cross a tenth of a mile to the west of the town and will once again have a train intersecting the middle of town when the new Southeast Hi-Speed Railroad Corridor is constructed beginning in the next few years. Furthermore, La Crosse represents a "Crossroads" in history by embracing its part of the American small town culture by maintaining it characteristics of a quaint small community where everyone is friendly and knows your name while also embracing the future by being the home address of numerous national/regional industries and businesses.

Local Economy

Diversity personifies what La Crosse has to offer both businesses and consumers. With a textile plant located downtown, two industrial parks located directly to the east containing manufacturing plants, and numerous businesses located on US Highway 58 ranging from home construction companies to automobile dealerships, it is clear to see La Crosse offers a wide variety of opportunities for any business thanks to the lowest tax rates in Mecklenburg County. Furthermore, La Crosse's location of immediately adjoining the Town of South Hill makes it part of the regional shopping center. The lack of a Meals Tax and containing Southside Virginia's "New Golden Mile" located on US Highway 58 and one tenth of a mile from Interstate 85 makes the La Crosse attractive to service businesses and customers/travelers.


La Crosse is governed by a six-member Town Council presided over by a Mayor. A Town Manager oversees the daily operation of the Town.

The Town has adopted a Comprehensive Plan, Master Plan, and Capital Improvement Plan in addition to being zoned.

Police and Fire coverage is provided both within and beyond the Town Corporate Limits along with available mutual assistance from other state and local agencies.


La Crosse consists of 4.5 square miles located in the Piedmont physiographic province. The beautiful gently rolling hills of the area attract numerous visitors each year. The town is located within the Roanoke River Watershed at approximately 440 feet above sea level. La Crosse contains the highest point in the county and is known for excellent drainage. Natural Resources:

La Crosse is located fewer than 5 minutes from the Lake Country area (known for Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake/Buggs Island Lake) with the Roanoke and Meherrin River conveniently located nearby. This provides excellent water and fishing recreation activities that attracts both casual water enthusiasts and professional from all over the country. The land itself is known for its beautiful forestry land and mineral deposits throughout both the town and county.


La Crosse enjoys a moderate climate that attracts residents to the south in order to escape the heat and those to the north to escape the cold.

January Average Temperature: 37.1 degrees; High: 47.8 degrees; Low: 26.3 degrees.

July Average Temperature: 77.6 degrees; High: 88.7 degrees; Low: 66.3 degrees.

Average Annual Heating Degree Days: 3,500.

Average Annual Cooling Degree Days: 1,600.

Average Annual Precipitation: 50 inches.

Average Annual Snowfall: 4 inches.

Prevailing Winds: South to Southwest.


Tourism for Southside Virginia is overseen by the Interstate-85 Virginia Welcome Center (434-689-2295) provided by Virginia Tourism Corporation ( located approximately 10 minutes south of La Crosse. Virginia Tourism and the Town of La Crosse, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and County, work together to promote the La Crosse and Lake Gaston area for visitors.


Public pre-kindergarten through high school education is offered through the Mecklenburg County Schools. A private academy also serves the area. Furthermore, post-secondary education is available through many Learning Centers, Community Colleges and Universities that serve the area.


Community Memorial Health Center and a diverse medical community in the area serve La Crosse for its medical needs.

Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors offers a website,, that allows you to search for property in any area of the country that participates in this service. The small town quaint charm of La Crosse makes it very appealing to many locals and people planning to relocate to the Southside area. The Town’s proximity to Interstate 85 and U.S. Highway 58 allows residents to enjoy a crime free community with a low cost of living and high quality of life while being able to quickly drive to work or visits to other areas.


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