Business Information

Business Licenses:

Individuals and companies doing business inside the La Crosse Town Limits must obtain a Business License. License fees are defined by state and local law and vary based on the nature of the business. Some business categories require registration with the area law enforcement as well as completion of a Business License Application for display upon the business site premise. A Peddler's License is required for persons wishing to exhibit or sell products at different locations in the Town limits. For more information, contact the Town Office at (434) 757-7366 between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday or email



Water services are provided on a monthly fee. The Roanoke River Service Authority provides wholesale water purchases for the Town of La Crosse. The maximum daily capacity for the Authority is 4.0 million gallons per day with average daily use well below that level. There is 375,000 gallons stored in Town overhead storage tanks and 500,000 in an RRSA for the La Crosse area located in the Town limits.


Sewage services are provides on a monthly fee. The sewage is treated in a regional treatment plant with 2.0 million gallons per day capacity located west of Town.


The Town of La Crosse provides once a week collection service (and extra holiday pickups as advertised). Brush and leaf collection are included as part of that service. Special bulky items that are not left out on collection days may be collected by calling the Town Office at (434) 757-7366.

Solid Waste Disposal:

The County of Mecklenburg operates a landfill, which accepts the solid waste of the County and Town citizens.


Electric services are provided by Dominion Power and can be reached at (434) 447-5100.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas services are provided by Columbia Gas and can be reached at 1-800-543-8911.


Telephone service is provided by Sprint and can be reached at (434) 392-3121.

Internet service is provided by Sprint (Dailup, DSL, and T1) at (434) 392-3121, Mecklenburg Communications (Dailup and DSL) at (434) 372-6169, and Buggs Island Telephone (Dailup and HiSpeed) at (434) 636-2274.


Inspections are preformed by the Mecklenburg County Inspections Office and can be reached at (434) 447-7636.


Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport | (434) 729-2591 |

Tax Rates

Real Estate Tax: $0.31/100
Personal Property Tax: $1.05/100
Machinery and Tools Tax: $0.24/100
Bank Franchise Tax: $0.80/100
Consumer Utility Tax: 15%
Meals and Lodging Tax: 4.5%
State Sales Tax: 5.0%

Economic Development:

Economic Development for La Crosse is handled both by the Town at (434) 757-7366 and the Mecklenburg County Economic Development Office at or (434) 447-7636.


Copies of the Town of La Crosse Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance & Illustrated Sign Ordinance, and Subdivision Ordinance are on file at the Town Office for viewing and may be purchased if requested.
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