Officially, La Crosse was incorporated in 1901, but existed many years before. Originally known as the village of Piney Pond before 1890, for a marshy plot with pines, the post office designated the area as La Crosse in 1890 on the suggestion of the surveyor's French wife because of the two railroad trains that crisscrossed in the middle of the village. While the railroads were removed in the 1990s, the town is still a true "Crossroads Town" since US Route 58 and Interstate 85 cross a tenth of a mile to the west of the town and will once again have a train intersecting the middle of town when the new Southeast Hi-Speed Railroad Corridor is constructed beginning in the next few years. Furthermore, La Crosse represents a "Crossroads" in history by embracing its part of the American small town culture by maintaining it characteristics of a quaint small community where everyone is friendly and knows your name while also embracing the future by being the home address of numerous national/regional industries and businesses.

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La Crosse Town Office:
115 South Main Street
La Crosse, VA 23950

Phone: (434) 757-7366

Upcoming Events

2015 La Crosse Fest

The Town of La Crosse, VA Invites You to
La Crosse Fest ~ Downtown Celebration


On the La Crosse Fire Department Grounds (Behind the La Crosse Hotel)

Arts & Crafts, Food & Music, Car Show, Games for the Kids of ALL Ages!

Check back for more information!

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